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Our certified computer refurbishing process.

We recycle computers to give them a second chance to change a life. We save systems from going to waste while maximizing the potential usefulness of donated hardware for students and organizations that need them.

We assess each computer for refurbishing or recycling.​

Once a computer is entered into the database, we are then able to see if it can be refurbished. If a computer is defective or not up to our standards, we send it our Recycle Area. We then remove the parts that can be recycled and dispose of the remaining.

We only refurbish the i3's or better:

  • Sanitize the entire computer and accessories
  • Analyze power supply operation, fan function, motherboard power lights, cd drive operations, check for video, etc.
  • Top Priority is to see if the Capacitor Components are not bulging. If they are, we send the CPU to recycle area (desktop only)
  • Replace hard drive with one that has been wiped clean to DOD specs
  • Replace BIOS battery (desktops only)
  • Check the memory amount and upgrade to 4 gigabyte minimum
  • Set date and time

Our techs install the following:

  • Windows 10 and all Necessary Drivers
  • Adobe Reader
  • VLC
  • Java, latest version software

We QC check each computer to ensure it is fully functional.​

Once fully loaded, the computer goes to our Quality Control area to ensure all Windows updates have been installed and all programs are working properly.

Finally we distribute each computer where it is needed most.

Now the computer is ready for the applicant and put in our Distribution Area. Each PC system includes a monitor, mouse and keyboard. Both the PC & Laptops have a 60 day warranty.

Need computers for your students or class?